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Nutrition & Metabolic Health Program


Amanda Mercurio, BS-EX, ACSM-CPT, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

BUILD TO BURN is a 3-month nutrition and metabolic health-focused program that was created for those stuck at a fitness plateau - whether stalled fat loss or stalled muscle gain - and for those who want to turn their bodies from fat-storing machines into fat-burning machines. This is a reverse dieting program that will change the way you look at building your body, for the better. The BTB plan includes coaching & accountability directly with Amanda.


If you've been a chronic dieter... or stuck at a weight-loss or muscle building plateau... or have yo-yo dieted more times than a yo-yo... OR you just feel like anything you try does not seem to produce the results that you want with your fitness?! Then BUILD TO BURN is for you.


This program's focus is to first shift your mindset from “burning off” to “building up” - building a body that is strong and metabolically healthy by looking at what we can add in to enhance our fitness instead of what we need to restrict. This in turn will create a physically fit and healthy body that will burn fat more efficiently as a result. In order for your metabolism to function optimally, you need to be eating ENOUGH of the right nutrients and creating the right fitness habits. BTB is all about simplifying this process in order to break through plateaus, add in more nutrients while minimizing fat gain, promote greater eventual fat loss, and set you up for success for the long term... creating a lifestyle that is free from restriction and burn-out. We will build a healthy metabolism & body that will allow you to eat MORE, stress LESS, and get FITTER & STRONGER... and look really dang good too!

BTB Program - What's Included:

In-Depth Assessment: 

  • Review of your current dietary patterns & nutritional intake

  • Fitness & lifestyle review

  • Initial in-depth questionnaire & measurements

Custom 3-Month Phased Nutrition Plan:

  • Customized plan including a phased timeline, including:

    • Working first to build up your body and strength, as well as increase your metabolic rate

    • A reverse dieting phased if desired

    • Transitioning into getting leaner (fat loss) or stronger (muscle build) depending on your goals

    • A takeaway plan to set you up for success beyond the program

  • Guidance with macro tracking throughout, including macro splits for each phase mentioned above

    • Note: Macro tracking is an integral part of this program and is strongly recommended!

  • This plan will be easy to follow with clear & concise steps, and you will be coached through it by Amanda every step of the way

Training Recommendations: 

  • Exercise recommendations dependent on your goals, where you exercise, and any other limitations or preferences

  • Tips to learn how to incorporate strength training into your routine sustainably & enjoyably! 

Fridge & Pantry "Clean-Up": 

  • Review of any foods that could be harming your health & metabolism

  • Working together to find healthier swaps & alternatives

Accountability & Continued Coaching:

  • Ensure that you stick to your plan by having Amanda walk through it with you!

  • Weekly check-in messages

  • Food log reviews as needed

  • Additional resources as needed

Check-In Meeting & Chat Access: 

  • Includes two 30-minute formal meetings per month

    • Check-in point to review progress, go over any questions, troubleshoot any issues, discuss how you are feeling & your biofeedback, as well as celebrate successes!

  • Unlimited Chat Access

    • ​Direct message access to Amanda to ask any questions that may arise. Maybe you're at the grocery store and need an opinion on a product, or maybe you need some feedback on exercise form... either way, send your questions, videos, pictures etc. for a quick direct response! 

Resources & Guides: 

  • Lifetime access to a private nutrition library, including:

    • Informative videos

    • Macro tracking & intuitive eating guides

    • Downloadable PDF guides for help with various topics

    • Current research articles & informative podcasts

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If you are still unsure of where to start or if you would like more information on any of my programs - click below to book your free 15 minute consultation call!

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