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1:1 Nutrition & Metabolism Coaching

By Amanda Mercurio

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If you are looking for an easy-to-follow & effective nutrition plan with a friendly, motivating coach to walk you through each step and hold you accountable... then you've found your program and your girl! My goal is to make this process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for you, and having a coach take account of your biofeedback (how you are feeling), progression, any potential roadblocks, and anything else that you may need is a game-changer for adherence.

My 1:1 Nutrition & Metabolism Coaching is purchased one month at a time and is customized to ALL fitness goals & needs, including weight loss (cut), muscle build or weight gain (bulk), fat loss & muscle build (body recomposition), and improvement of health & metabolic rate. 


What's Included:

In-Depth Assessment.

 We will go through your current dietary patterns & intake and review your fitness & lifestyle habits. Includes an initial 45-minute consultation to start, plus an in-depth questionnaire. 

Check-In Calls

You will receive three 45-minute formal check-in calls each month (initial, midway, & end of month).  plus unlimited chat access with Amanda with a 24 hour response time. Work with Amanda directly to troubleshoot, adjust plans as needed, ask questions, & celebrate successes!

Fridge & Pantry "Clean-Up".

We will take a look at any foods that could be harming your health & metabolism and hindering you from reaching your fitness goals, and work together to find healthier swaps & alternatives.

Creation of a Custom Nutrition Plan.

Whether you are looking to lose body fat, build muscle, boost your metabolism & improve health - or all three - you will be given a plan of action that is manageable with your lifestyle.

 Includes guidance on macro-tracking & intuitive eating, as well as reverse dieting if applicable (outline included!).

Coaching & Accountability

You will get weekly check-in texts at the start of the week, plus unlimited chat access with Amanda with a 24 hour response time. 

Training Recommendations.

Amanda will provide you with exercise recommendations dependent on your goals, where you exercise, and any other limitations or preferences. You will learn how to incorporate strength training into your routine sustainably & enjoyably! 

Resources & Guides.

Get lifetime access to The Fit Foodie Library full of informative videos, tracking & intuitive eating guides, & downloadable PDF's to help you gain deeper understanding & success.

If you are ready to rock-n-roll, click the button below to purchase your first month of 1:1 Coaching. The first month of coaching is $349, and if you decide to continue with monthly coaching you will receive your following months at a reduced rate. If you are unsure where to start or if you would like more information on my 1:1 Coaching - or any of my programs - click below to book your free 15 minute consultation call!

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