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Custom Nutrition Guide 


The Custom Nutrition Guide is a 1-month, in-depth plan of action created for your independent use, with additional support. Work towards your fitness goals clearly and concisely with no guesswork! Whether you are looking to begin tracking macros OR you want to learn how to eat intuitively without any tracking, your custom plan will lay out all the steps for you. For all fitness goals - weight loss (cut), muscle build (bulk), or body recomposition (maintenance & improvement of health), as well as working through a reverse diet (available as an add-on, see more info HERE). 



  • Custom nutrition recommendations including calories & macro split (protein, fats, carbs)

  • An in-depth 1-month plan of action with clear steps

  • Current dietary review & goal setting

  • General exercise prescription & recommendations

  • Private email/chat access to Amanda with 24 hour response time

  • Detailed points of action to get you started & set-up for success, including guidance on keeping a food log & macro-tracking

  • Ability to add on the Reverse Diet Outline if desired, allowing you to work through an incremental increase in calories with minimal fat gain (increases your Custom Nutrition Guide to 6 weeks)

  • Guidance on intuitive eating if you are NOT tracking

  • Lifetime access to The Fit Foodie Nutrition Library

    • Full of educational resources, tracking guides, & more!​

  • Discounted rate for future splits & plans at completion

*Accommodations made for all dietary needs & allergies. Plans may be purchased and then started at a later date, but must be started within four weeks of purchase date. Plans are not intended for treatment of medical conditions and clearance with a doctor is recommended before beginning.

Click below to purchase your Custom Nutrition Guide. Once purchased, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your next steps. For an additional questions, email Amanda at

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