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Custom Total Body Strength Programming

The Lift With Amanda (LWA) Strength Program is a complete total body training program geared towards building strength & improving physique, increasing energy & boosting metabolism, and spending less time working out all while maximizing your results. The LWA program is two in one - you will receive access to an extensive do-it-yourself strength training program & library, AND custom-created workouts to get you started, designed for you based on your needs and goals. This program is meant to provide you with complete guidance as well as set you up with the tools needed to progress on your own as you work towards your fitness goals. 

Here's what's included:

  • The LWA Strength Program Folder, containing:

    • An exercise library filled with video demonstrations & form tips for every movement, as well as modifications & progressions

      • Organized & numbered for easy searching

      • Compatible for use on your phone or desktop

    • Guided form tutorials to learn the most important basic movements

    • Instructions on how to build your own lifts so that you can continue to progress on your own

    • Additional information on other important aspects of proper strength training, such as how to continue to see progress (progressive overload), how to focus on lagging muscle groups, info on core workouts, warm-ups, foam rolling, and more!

    • Amanda's grocery list to help you supplement with good nutrition!

  • Three custom-created strength workouts based on your goals & needs

    • Created for you directly by Amanda​

    • For use anywhere you workout - at home or in the gym

    • Delivered to you separately as a PDF document, and coordinated with the exercise library

    • Option for additional workouts to be created for you whenever you are ready


*For any questions on the LWA Strength Program, contact Amanda at

Additional custom-created workouts can be purchased at any time for an additional fee. 


If you are local to the Eastern Long Island region, I offer in-home personal training services for the most personalized & hands-on training option available. All private personal training includes a fitness assessment, customized strength programming, exercise recommendations for when we do not meet, and nutritional guidance.

Personal Training sessions can be 45 or 60 minutes, and pricing varies on location. Full equipment is provided as needed. Group rates are available upon request.

Contact me for pricing and further information.

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