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Custom Mini-Macro Plan 


The Custom Mini-Macro Nutrition Plan is a one-time macronutrient assessment & small nutrition plan created for your independent use, that breaks down what you need to get started with tracking macros for your current fitness goal. This plan will give you macronutrient recommendations (protein, fats, & carbs) as well as overall calorie recommendations, recommended exercise prescription, and tips on implementation and working towards your goal. Created for all fitness goals - weight loss (cut), muscle build (bulk), or metabolic health & body recomposition (maintenance & improvement of health).



  • A custom macro assessment created by Amanda, including protein, fats, and carbohydrate recommendations as well as overall calories, based on your current fitness goal

  • An individualized "mini" plan of action to follow

  • Current dietary review & goal setting

  • Focuses on one single fitness goal (either cut, bulk, body recomposition, or health & metabolism) to get you started

  • PDF guides on macro tracking, protein, & meal planning

  • General exercise prescription & recommendations

  • Private email access to Amanda with any questions

*Once purchased, you will receive an email with an in-depth questionnaire to allow for the complete customization of your plan. You will receive your plan within 5 business days of completing your questionnaire. Plans are not intended for treatment of medical conditions and clearance with a doctor is recommended before beginning any program. Plan does not include any coaching or consultations. 

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