Nutrition Programs

By Amanda Mercurio

Healthy Food
Healthy Food

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Proper nutrition is VITAL to reaching your health & fitness goals. Fitness & nutrition go hand-in-hand; a proper exercise routine will aid in weight loss, strengthening your muscles, improving your endurance & mood, and enhancing your overall physical appearance... BUT improper nutrition can prevent these benefits and hinder your progress! In order for your metabolism to function at optimal levels, you need to be getting in the proper nutrients and eating right for your body.
Great nutrition is KEY to fueling our bodies for EVERYTHING we do! A well-rounded & healthy diet brings us nourishment, energy, a strong body & immune system, and is balanced -not restrictive! 

I offer the following two programs:

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12 week program.png

Program Overview:​

  • My Custom Nutrition Guide & Macro Split is uniquely created for you based off of your goals, needs, allergies, etc. These are reviewed with you and then yours to keep & use independently. Your guide will contain information on macronutrients, daily caloric intake, & a specific plan of action to help you work towards your health & fitness goals. You will receive special access to my private library of informational videos & PDFs to assist you in your journey.

    • This program includes a one-time 30 minute call or meeting to review, as well as 1 check-in.​

  • My 12-Week Nutrition Coaching Program involves a progressive (evolving) timeline of coaching. We will start by assessing where you are currently with your nutrition and from there begin to build a healthy metabolism and work towards your ultimate goal (fat loss (cut), muscle gain (bulk), body recomposition (lose fat & gain muscle), or maintain weight/improve health. You will receive a custom nutrition guide, with new goals being set as we begin to see results, as well as 12-weeks of 1:1 coaching, accountability, & guidance. You will also receive special access to my private nutrition library of informational videos & PDFs to assist you in your journey.

    • My nutrition coaching is geared towards all fitness goals - weight loss, strength & muscle gain, improvement of general health, maintenance, or assistance with gluten-free or plant-based diets. ​

      • For more information and to inquire about nutrition coaching, please fill out and submit this FORM.             I will get back to you with details and pricing once completed!

      • The Fit Foodie App subscribers receive special pricing for the 12-week program. 

  • Special rates for continued monthly coaching are available upon completion of the 12-week program.

    • PLEASE NOTE - Nutrition Coaching Sessions & materials are meant as guidance for a healthy caloric & macronutrient intake; this is NOT a prescription for a diet and no particular foods or supplements will be prescribed, just recommendations and suggestions made.

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