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Reverse Diet Outline

$75 add-on

If you are someone who has struggled with dropping that last 5-10 lbs... OR your results have stalled in the gym.... OR you feel like you keep cutting calories and your weight just won't budge... 

Then a reverse diet could be the program that you've been looking for!


When you are constantly cutting calories or remaining in a fat-loss phase, your metabolism slows down in order to adapt to your restricted intake. The process of reverse dieting allows for a slow & incremental increase in caloric intake in order to speed up your metabolism, as well as allow you to get stronger & build muscle, and keep any increases in body fat minimal. Going through a reverse diet will set you up to then have a more effective fat loss period due to your now increased metabolic rate, which is crucial for those who have seen fat-loss come to a halt. 


And lastly, my favorite thing about the reverse diet is that it sets you up to eat a healthy amount of daily calories and priming your body to become a muscle-building & fat-burning machine...thus setting you up to be unaffected by something like a vacation or having a few days that you fall off of your plan! The higher you can get your daily caloric intake on a regular basis, the LESS you need to cut in order to experience effective fat-loss. 


The Reverse Diet Outline must be purchased as an add-on to the Custom 1-Month Nutrition Guide. You will receive everything that comes with the Custom Nutrition Guide, plus:

  • A custom starting macro split (including protein, fats, carbs, & calorie recommendations), plus a roadmap for your incremental caloric increase, leading to a goal macro split

  • Two additional weeks added onto your Custom Nutrition Guide (now a 6-week plan)

  • A "next-step" recommendation for after your reverse diet macro goal has been reached

Click below to purchase your Custom Nutrition Guide with a Reverse Diet Outline Add-On. Once purchased, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your next steps. For any additional questions, email Amanda at

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