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Build a Healthy Metabolism with Realistic Fitness & Nutrition

Transform your fitness & metabolic health by building realistic, lasting habits that you won’t get tired of. Learn how to easily eat MORE, stress LESS, and get FIT - all while enjoying the process! This app is a complete program all in one, featuring:


🔹The Weekly Lift🔹

A custom weekly strength training program geared towards building muscle & getting toned, improving health & boosting metabolism. Spend less time in the gym and see greater results! A total body lifting routine created for all fitness levels, with options for both in the gym and at home workouts. The Weekly Lift is easy to follow and includes a customizable schedule, video instruction & form tips. Supplemental mobility & cardio recommendations also provided!


🔹Custom Macros🔹

Get your recommendations for protein, fats, carbs & calories based on your fitness goals DIRECTLY from Amanda! This is not just any old calculator - get a personalized assessment from the fitness & nutrition professional herself based on your needs.


🔹Meal Builder🔹

Build your own high-protein plates easily with simple ingredients - no chef skills required. Featuring healthy, macro-friendly recipes that will help you hit your protein goals and easily answer the question, “what’s for dinner tonight?!” New meal ideas added every month.


🔹Simple Grocery Lists🔹

Make food shopping a breeze and ensure that you always have the essentials on hand! Categorized by essentials, prepared meals, & favorite stores - plus gluten-free and protein supplement favorites. Free access without a subscription!

Join the Fit Foodie crew and transform your metabolism!

Download the app for a free 7-day trial - available on iOS & Google Play.

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