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Build a Healthy Metabolism with Realistic Fitness & Nutrition

Transform your fitness & metabolic health by building realistic, lasting habits that you won’t get tired of. Learn how to easily eat MORE, burn MORE, and stress LESS - all while enjoying the process! This app is a complete program all in one, featuring:


🔹The Weekly Lift🔹

A custom weekly strength training program geared towards building muscle & getting toned, improving health & boosting metabolism. Spend less time in the gym and see greater results! Created for all fitness levels, with options for both in the gym and at home workouts. The Weekly Lift is easy to follow and includes a customizable schedule, video instruction & form tips. Supplemental cardio workouts & information also provided!


🔹Custom Macros🔹

Get your recommendations for protein, fats, carbs & calories based on your fitness goals DIRECTLY from Amanda! This is not just any old calculator - get a personalized assessment from the fitness & nutrition professional based on your needs.


🔹Meal Ideas & Monthly Plates🔹

Healthy, simple, macro-friendly dishes that will help you hit your protein goals and easily answer the question, “what’s for dinner tonight?!” No chef skills required and budget friendly! 15 new recipes are added each month so you can get creative with whatever is in season!


🔹Simple Grocery Lists🔹

Make food shopping a breeze and ensure that you always have the essentials on hand! Categorized by essentials, prepared meals, & favorite stores - plus gluten-free and protein supplement favorites. Free access without a subscription!

Join the Fit Foodie crew and transform your metabolism!

Download the app for a free 7-day trial - available on iOS & Google Play.

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