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Nutrition & Body Recomposition Program

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Amanda Mercurio, BS-EX, ACSM-CPT, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

The Fit Foodie nutrition plan is an easy to follow plan of action to help you develop fitness & nutritional habits that you will actually enjoy doing and stick to! This plan is focused on body recomposition and enhancing your physique while at the same time improving your health, metabolism, hormones, energy, and setting you up with a nutrient-dense diet that still allows you to enjoy all the foods that you love...and fitting in with your busy lifestyle!


If you are someone who has gotten stuck in a cycle of the wrong habits & patterns, such as:

  • Chronically under-eating during the weekdays and over-eating on the weekends

  • Or maybe just under-eating the right things and over-eating everything else

  • Not knowing how much protein you should be eating, or what to even eat?!

  • Avoiding the weights section of your gym

  • Forcing yourself through strenuous cardio with a "burn-it-off" mentality...

  • Placing rest & good sleep on the back-burner

  • Stressing over extra calories from going out to eat, parties, or vacations

  • Just all around feeling sluggish and not your best!


Ok I'll stop now... Because there is good news people! If you can instill the right habits & patterns into your life, you can not only fix all of the aforementioned problems but easily create a lifestyle that will have you stronger, leaner, more energized and well-fed... free from restrictive dieting, punishing workouts, low energy & general stress over food and fitness. The Fit Foodie nutrition plan can be utilized independently or with optional coaching directly with Amanda. Either way, this plan will set you up for a lifestyle that will allow you to eat more, stress less, and get fitter.

The Plan - What's Included:

In-Depth Assessment: 

  • Review of your current dietary patterns & nutritional intake

  • Fitness & lifestyle review

  • Initial in-depth questionnaire & measurements

Custom Nutrition Plan & Consultation: 

  • Plan of action that is manageable & easily integrates into your lifestyle

  • Implementation of simple habits to help you improve your nutrition with:

    • Healthier eating & food swaps

    • Protein-focused eating

    • Tracking macros and/or learning how to intuitively eat

    • Focus on increasing metabolic rate & strength. 

  • The plan will cover roughly 3 months but depending on how you progress, may be something for you to follow for even longer 

  • 30-minute consult call after receiving your plan to review and have any initial questions answered!

Training Recommendations: 

  • Exercise recommendations dependent on your goals, where you exercise, and any other limitations or preferences

  • Tips to learn how to incorporate strength training into your routine sustainably & enjoyably! 

Fridge & Pantry "Clean-Up": 

  • Review of any foods that could be harming your health & metabolism

  • Working together to find healthier swaps & alternatives

Resources & Guides: 

  • Lifetime access to a private nutrition library, including:

    • Informative videos

    • Macro tracking & intuitive eating guides

    • Downloadable PDF guides for help with various topics

    • Current research articles & informative podcasts

*Add on Coaching & Accountability:

Accountability & Continued Coaching:

  • Ensure that you stick to your plan by having Amanda walk through it with you!

  • Weekly check-in messages

  • Food log reviews as needed

  • Additional resources as needed

Check-In Meeting & Chat Access: 

  • Receive another 30-minute formal meeting for the month

    • Check-in point to review progress, go over any questions, troubleshoot any issues, discuss how you are feeling & your biofeedback, as well as celebrate successes!

  • Unlimited Chat Access

    • ​Direct message access to Amanda to ask any questions that may arise. Maybe you're at the grocery store and need an opinion on a product, or maybe you need some feedback on exercise form... either way, send your questions, videos, pictures etc. for a quick direct response! 

TFF Purchase


Add on 1-Month of coaching & accountability  +$99

If you are still unsure of where to start or if you would like more information on any of my programs - click below to book your free 15 minute consultation call!

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